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The Crypto-Christmas is here with Santa Elon

This Christmas, Crypto-Santa is coming for both naughty and nice investors as a one-of-a-kind coin named Santa Elon is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will be available for traders and investors.

During the month of December exchanges such as PancakeSwap will be posting the token on their platforms. The project has applied to be listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko as well.

The virtual currency stands out as unique due to is Christmas themed token and aims to lighten up this year’s holiday season.

Let’s dive into the Santanomics

Only 100,000,000 tokens are going to be generated, guaranteeing that no additional tokens will ever be created which ensures that there will be no future floods in the market.

The first six weeks after launch, 90% of the minted tokens will be locked into the liquidity pool. Once HOHOHO reaches $1million market capitalisation, the liquidity pool will be locked for a year.

A total of 10% from the supply will be used for giveaways, contests and competitions as well as giving back to the community.

Each and every transaction оr transfer will be subject to 10% taxation. Further, taxes will be used for Christmas Presents – (3%), Wallet Dev – (3%), Marketing (3%) and last but not least, a manual buy back and burn (1%).

Team Santa Elon is currently developing a Play-to-Earn game which will incorporate Meta Santas game-based NFTs. Players who own the non-Fungible tokens will be able to earn, trade and sell the tokens in the marketplace and to other participants. Skills and high performance will be crucial in regard to the ability to earn them.

Keeping tokens till Christmas ensures investors that Santa will be ‘visiting’ them. Rewards will be distributed on the 25th of December, whoever has purchased and kept the cryptocurrency can earn huge rewards in BNB on the day of Christmas.

Additionally, an application will allow holders to provide liquidity while earning APY on their tokens. The consequences from such partnership will have a beneficial influence once the staking gateway is operating. Naturally, staking directs the market to a positive purchasing power while users are being encouraged to lock up their holdings, simultaneously decreasing the possibility of tokens being sold on the open markets as well as the circulating supply.

Although Santa Elon (HOHOHO) has a rather small market valuation, promises with its unique theme and features to deliver great returns for its early adopters.

Photo by Monika Grabkowska

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