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Virtual Currency Service Provider

With over 8 years of experience in the consulting sector, Estonian Crypto Licenses can assist you in obtaining the new Virtual Currency Service Provider License, to start your crypto-businesses in Europe.  

About the regulations

The release of an operating license is an activity regulated by:

The Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) issues the operating license.

FIU is an independent government agency. The Financial Intelligence Unit analyses and verifies information about suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing, takes measures for the preservation of property where necessary and immediately forwards materials to the competent authorities upon detection of elements of a criminal offence.

Required documentation

The minimum set of documents required for one of both the licenses includes:

The certificates of the register of convictions must be in English or Russian and certified with an apostille. In some cases, FIU might require additional information, including:

Additional Services


We can rent you physical working spaces and private serviced offices.

Bank accounts

We can assist you in opening accounts with EU banks and payment institutions.

VAT ID registration

We can take care of the the registration of your VAT ID number.


We can deal with everything related to various kind of apostilles.


We can offer you accounting services and take charge of your tax reports.


We can help you recruit the right people and help your business grow over time.


We have a ready-made customised crowdsale platform on Ethereum Blockchain.

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We occasionally talk about cryptocurrency-related topics on our company blog.

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