Are you ready to launch your business in Estonia?

Our local team will help you to carry out all the paperwork needed in order to get your Estonian company up and running and will help you with the day to day management.

Pricing Bundles

Preliminary Legal/Compliance Analysis

800 00
starting from, one-off

Company Registered Address

250 00
per year

Authorised Contact Person

250 00
per year

Company Incorporation + Virtual Currency Service Provider License

10,000 00
one-off (State fee excluded)

Please note: an authorised contact person is to be appointed if the company’s management board is located in a foreign country.

Local team

You won't need to travel to Estonia to carry out business duties, but we still recommend to do so, the country is beautiful!

Time saving

Let a professional handle it! We know the Estonian bureaucracy and its timing. Your business will significantly benefit from it.

Top legal expertise

We are expert in legal and compliance and we specialise in cryptocurrencies and Estonian and EU laws. Everything will run smoothly!

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