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The Spanish retailer, El Corte Ingles, has partnered with Deloitte to launch a crypto exchange

A major retailer and distributor in Spain, El Corte Ingles, has entered the crypto space with the launch of its own cryptocurrency exchange for the company’s customers. Deloitte will be helping the company create a new platform that lets its customers buy cryptocurrencies as investments.

El Corte Ingles enters the Crypto world!

Spanish retailer El Corte Ingles plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange. The company is considered the third-largest retailer in Spain. They have already established a target investor base, and the goal is to leverage its current customer portfolio.

El Corte Ingles believes that small savers, rather than turning to other, newer brands, might find cryptocurrency investing interesting through a well-established company. With the help of Deloitte, one of the Big Four firms, the organization will be able to better serve its more than 11 million credit card users.

Customers of El Corte Ingles will have another opportunity to invest through this new platform, in addition to other investment options available through the company.

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