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Coinbase’s mystery QR code ad that appeared during the Super Bowl crashes app

Coinbase made its strategic Super Bowl by presenting the crowd with an anonymous QR code ad that went a little “too” viral. The company’s “Less talk, more Bitcoin” campaign was such a hit that the Coinbase app briefly shut down after the ad.

Many Super Bowl watchers that were curious to see what Coinbase had to offer were unpleasently met by the following kind of message …

Coinbase’s cheeky humerous tweet rebounded as soon as the issue arrived stating: “Now that we have your attention we’d like to announce that we’re giving away $15 in BTC to anyone who joins Coinbase by 2/15.” Along with this Coinbase offered a $3 million giveaway that new sign ups could enter.

Many cryptocurrency companies featured during the Super Bowl including crypto.com and FTX which promoted their exchanges and NFTs.

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