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5 crypto ideas for your Valentine’s Day gift

5 Valentine's Day crypto gifts ideas

Although love is an everyday experience, there’s one day in particular when love becomes even more special: Valentine’s Day. Billions of lovers around the world do something special for their dearest ones, from something as simple as a gift to the proposal of all proposals.

Although gifts are the easiest way to make the person you love happy on Valentine’s Day, it might backfire if it lacks of originality. Deep inside you know that anyone can buy a box of chocolate or a flower bouquet, but you want to be unique, however, you don’t know exactly what to look for.

Well, fear not: cryptos & co. provide the most innovative gifts on the market. Still unsure? We’ve chosen the 5 simplest crypto gifts that’ll take your love from the universe to the metaverse.

1. A new crypto

There are a lot of cryptos out there, and new ones are being launched by the day. The easiest thing you can do is open a wallet for your loved one (if they don’t have one already) and load it with an amount of your choice of a promising crypto.

They might not understand what it is, especially if they’re new to cryptos, but you have the whole day to explain it. Your gift might turn out to be a valuable investment in a few years from now. We’re sure that your sweet half will be more than happy to see that you think about your future.

2. An NFT for their collection

If you invest in NFTs, you know that those that are part of a notorious collection have more chances to see their price go up, so it’s pretty common to see investors trying to buy as many NFTs as they can from the same collection in order to sell them all together and get more profit.

If your partner invests in NFTs and they miss a piece in their collection, you can buy it and make a great present out of it.

If your partner is new to NFTs, however, we’ve got something even better.

3. A personalised NFT of you

The most romantic and innovative Valentine’s Day crypto gift ever: take a picture of you together and give it to an NFT artist, so they can turn it into an art work in their own style, then they’ll upload it on the blockchain and you’ll buy it.

NFTs are the most innovative kind of art, and their relevance is growing. Having a more than unique NFT is just priceless.

4. Buy Lovecoins

There are two nice things about Lovecoins: they can be mined with a standard smartphone and 10% of mined coins goes to charities.

It’s not just a random crypto like what we proposed above, it’s the crypto of love! And your partner can choose to mine more of it with little effort in terms of energy.

5. Engrave your love on the blockchain

What happens on the blockchain stays on the blockchain. Not just transactions and contracts, but also something more romantic like your personalised message to your other half.

Thanks to The Valentine Coin you can engrave your message on the Ethereum blockchain forever. Locks on bridges are obsolete and sooner or later they’ll be covered in rust. Blockchain is for the eternity.

Whatever you choose…

…make sure it’s the best way to express your love. Happy crypto-Valentine’s Day!

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